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Anger Management: Court Sentenced This 36 Year Old Lady To Death


Anger Management: Court Sentenced This 36 Year Old Lady To Death

Poor anger management, a 36 year old lady is sentenced to death by Ikeja high court on Tuesday.

On hearing the judgment, she collapsed in the courtroom and was later revived and taken away by the prison officers to await her death. This happened in the presence of her friends, siblings, and children who also went wailing in the courtroom but the law has taken its course.

The lady had some issues with her neighbor in the house at Ajegule in Lagos and this resulted in a fight out of anger, the lady pick up a knife and stab the woman and eventually, the woman died.

I am sure she might not have the intention of killing her under normal circumstances but her anger led her to this and now she has paid dearly for it. leaving the children to their fate.
Now she does not have a second chance. I am sure she must have regretted her actions.

Anger Management

Anger Management

This is an eye-opener to those who at any point of provocation, go for a weapon, the result might not be good and you end up regretting your actions.
Please, let’s learn to have good anger management.

Anger management.: court sentenced This 36 year old lady to death.

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