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APC To Zone Senate presidency To South-South For Equity


APC To Zone Senate presidency To South-South For Equity

All Progressives Congress, an agenda-setting college of former and serving National Assembly members have called on the All Progressives Congress(APC) to zone the Senate presidency to the South-South.

Under the auspices of the Leadership Council of the INITIATIVES, the group said the party should consider the region for the number three seat for the sake of equity.

“We can go on and on, so what we are saying is that the cap fits Akpabio.”

Former House of Representatives member Eyiboh Eseme, who spoke on behalf of the group in a news conference in Abuja on Thursday, said doing so would give the region a sense of belonging.
He said the region had not produced a Senate president since the return of democracy in 1999.

Mr Eseme said since the president-elect is from the South-West and the Vice-President-elect is from the North-East, it would be fair to zone the number three seat to the South-South.

“Within social context, everyone is allowed to participate in electoral processes, but we must bear in mind other factors peculiar to our clime. Zoning, for instance, is not constitutional, but it is often used in an attempt to resolve perceived injustice, and it has yielded results so far,” said Mr Eseme.

The former lawmaker added, “So, in the case of the Senate presidency, we appeal that it is zoned to the South and micro-zoned to the South-South.

Some people might ask why not the South-East. South-East, as we all know, has produced about six Presidents of the Senate since 1999, and South-South has not produced any.”

He said, besides the issue of equity, the APC in the South-South performed creditably in the presidential and National Assembly elections, pointing out that Godswill Akpabio is a good choice for the Senate presidency as a ranking senator with a wealth of knowledge.

Senate presidency

Senate presidency

“We want someone with capacity, competence and integrity. We are all privy to Akpabio’s outstanding performance as a commissioner and governor of Akwa Ibom, and the legacies are there for anyone in doubt to verify,” Mr Eseme explained.

He added, “His achievements spoke for him when he was nominated Senate minority whip in the Eighth Senate as a first-time senator, a position usually reserved for ranking senators. We can go on and on, so what we are saying is that the cap fits Akpabio.”

Akpabio: APC set to zone Senate presidency to South-South for equity.

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