Attack Of Destiny

Attack Of Destiny: Why Marriage Is Not For Boys And Girls

Attack Of Destiny: Why Marriage Is Not For Boys And Girls

Men who are versed in knowledge and materials have had their dreams balloon-busted because of the misconception of this simple but mighty word “Love”.

The mightiest have fallen for the same reason. The reason is not far-fetched. It is because men have knowingly or otherwise refused to acknowledge or embrace the true “Love”.

This teaching is not to make the single youths to mingle, it is not to help you choose a correct spouse nor is it to give you the good idea on how to run a lovely family. No, it is to, as a matter of urgency, introduce the youths to the kind of love they need, if they want to reach their zenith in life, Rule their generation and become something useful in the hand of God.

There is the kind of love that every serious minded youth should swim in with all his strength, time, mind and soul.

I want to say that every youth is a “raw good”. The Attack of “Love” 6% Just like Adam was in the process of God’s making for some appointed time, before God gave him Eve. First God resolved to “make” man in His image.

Attack Of Destiny

Adam remained dust for some time before God breathed into him. He cow or stay with God in the garden by naming all the animals in the world. Only God knows how long it took Adam to complete his zoological study and work. It was then that God saw that “It was not good for man to be alone” and then God made him to sleep (close his eyes). God also knew how long Adam slept and the time it took Him for the first surgical operation on Adam. The creation of the woman followed and at last God introduced Eve to Adam. One important thing about this credible history was that, Adam did not one day think of any love. He never dreamt or imagined any figure like Even until God proved him man enough to handle or manage another being, called woman. And it was God who “saw” that it was not good for man to be alone.

So, He planned, created, and introduced Eve to Adam. Only then did he become a fully created man.

Until God confirms you a “man” you have only one love to reckon with, which is paramount.

As Adam had no other person to love but God, you are expected as a youth to love God with all your strength, take girls as your sisters, boys as your brothers, old men and women as your parents. As a matter of fact, you just need to love first, the one who holds and understands your future.

You have no moral justification thinking and disturb yourself over what is not due for you at the detriment of God’s love.

So, what remains of you, if your heart, soul and might are strongly glued to God? Where then do you get the heart with which to love another boy or girl? Each time I hear some young people say “she broke my heart”. I wonder when they had gone to collect their hearts from God and given them to the girls or boys to break. I think it is high time we faced the reality and stop chasing shadows.

The worst that could happen to a destiny is to tie it with the wrong vision or person with a different dressing When you engage in distractions or strange affections, there is every tendency that you may be joined to a lady or a man with a very division because God did not give you the Eve and that may be the end of you life dreams. Just love and focus on Him who holds tomorrow.

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