Leader With A Difference

Eyiboh, A Leader With A Difference, Trust And Transparency


Eyiboh, A Leader With A Difference, Trust And Transparency

In today’s leadership in Nigeria, even in Africa as a whole, we do still have leaders with difference.

On Thursday, the 13th day of April, I worked under the mentorship of one the finest and an exceptional Akwa Ibom stakeholder who pioneered a call for zoning arrangements of Senate Presidency to be micro-zoned to South South-Nigeria while making a case to support the transformational agenda of the President-elect.

. . , a foremost socio-political commentator and Dean, Initiative (an agenda setting college for former and serving NASS members) took a gigantic step in a delegation of past and current members of the National Assembly.

In recent times, Senator Godswill Akpabio, has suffered media attacks sponsored by various stakeholders within his state but Eyiboh, decided in the face of all odds to make a difference.

I listened to him with keen interest during the which turned out to be an eye-opening lecture session for me, as he advocated for strong leadership, for the legislature that sought to strengthen the institutional integrity and maintain the liberty of the legislature. Leader With A Difference

He said, “what this leadership will benefit is the leadership of national consciousness, leadership of growth and opportunity.” In a democracy that is dethroned of its expected derivatives: No young man here can stand up and beat his chest to say that there are cubicles of opportunities in Nigeria. No! Cubicle of opportunities have been destroyed because we no more have strong institutions but strong men.”

“So we have to change the narrative,” he said.

Zoning is not a constitutional issue but an effort to resolving social justice. Zoning is a mechanism introduced to electoral process to address social injustice, therefore the leadership of the Nigerian Senate should take a turn and not reserved in an equilibrium.

South South having . (.) [] as an inexhaustible leader from that zone would be the recognition of the zone to produced a leadership that will not be found engaging in excessive and unnecessary activism with the executive but one that will protect the ethical integrity of our institutional development. Leader With A Difference

“The leadership of the legislature requires some persons or person who has the pedigree, capacity and who of course within the context of public perception doesn’t suffer the deficit of integrity.” Akpabio is that man with pedigree he re-emphasized.

Leader With A Difference

Leader With A Difference

Leader With A Difference

His case was not to join forces to fight the former Senate Minority Leader but to “interrogate the trajectory of our political evolution” as he stressed. On the strength of this, he called on the of the to embrace quality leadership for the legislature by zoning the Senate Presidency to South South with (.) as the people’s mandate.

The misfortune of having a poor leadership in the national assembly he goes on to say, “it diminishes consistency and the objectivity of the Constitution. It also goes a step further to dethrone the issue of ethical integrity in our institutional development. Leader With A Difference

Akwa Ibom APC is not bankrupt of leaders with integrity, conscience and a sense of purpose. I am personally proud of Rt. Hon. Eseme Eyiboh’s effort to chart the right cause.

A selfless effort captured by national tabloids across the nation.


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