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Messi Not On Saudi Arabia’s Deals, Jorge Messi Denies


Messi Not On Saudi Arabia’s Deals, Jorge Messi Denies

Lionel Messi’s father denies Saudi Arabia move, Jorge Messi, father of Lionel Messi has denied reports that the Argentine star will be moving to Saudi Arabia next year.

Reports of Paris Saint-Germain talisman signing a deal to play in Saudi Arabia next season had been widespread on Tuesday.

A Saudi source close to the negotiations told AFP that the deal was agreed on lucrative terms.

“The contract is exceptional. It is huge. We are still finalising some details,” the source added, without revealing the name of the club concerned.

However, in reaction, the player’s father debunked the reports, adding that no agreement verbally or otherwise had been reached.

Jorge Messi

Jorge Messi

“There’s absolutely nothing agreed with any club for next season,” Jorge Messi, who also represents his son, said. “We will decide at the end of the season.
Nothing is signed, agreed or verbally agreed. Only fake news using Leo’s name.”
Messi is already under contract with Visit Saudi in a deal that sees him promoting the Kingdom’s tourist destinations.

The 35-year-old was recently suspended by his current club Paris Saint-Germain for visiting Saudi Arabia, missing the club’s training.

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