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Michael Bush: 12 Golden Rules To Keep Life Going, Don’t Kill Yourself


Michael Bush: 12 Golden Rules To Keep Life Going, Don’t Kill Yourself

Don’t kill yourself for anybody because it won’t count. In any case, nobody would kill themselves for you; so why bother? Don’t kill yourself for anything. It is as not worth it as it is stupid.

To begin with, the people you want to kill yourself for: How sacrificial have they been for your sake? By the way, there’s no need for a second Jesus because His death already fixed everything. Besides, the things you want to kill yourself for: how eternal are they? Please, your life is too much, too valuable, too priceless to waste on ephemeral frivolities.

Today is another golden opportunity. Take it, even if you can’t. Take out time today and meditate on this empty dream called life. Clean and cleanse off all the rubbish as follows. Michael Bush


1) Never want everyone.

2) Never want everything. You don’t need everyone because everyone doesn’t and won’t ever need you. You don’t need everything because everything can’t and won’t ever fit you.

Never forget that two is company, three is crowd. Always remember that to go far, you only need company -good company- not crowd. And, you can’t have or be everything even if life lasted eternity. So, why kill yourself over something you know is impossible?

3) Never fight or seek to win every battle.

4) Never say or voice everything that comes to your mind or mouth, per time, good or bad. Understand that others shall win some battles against you, no matter how excellent or solid or connected you are.

Ensuring there’s not only one constant winner in town is an organic ploy to reduce jealousy; ensuring occasional loss is nature’s checks and balances a la pride and humility. Michael Bush

Furthermore, no matter the temptation: never exhaust at once what you want to say on a matter or per event. You’d become boring or repetitive or you’d take too long. Understand that there will always be another opportunity for you to weigh in. So, always preserve some words and lines.

5) Don’t take anything or everything too personally.

6) Don’t take life or you too seriously. You spend two decades studying, even emerging first class or professor at the bar but attract no commensurate applause let alone an eternal standing ovation.

Conversely, someone spends three months sleeping, eating, playing, gossipping, and generally doing and talking sundry nonsense on global television only for big brother at the end to make such a one instant millionaire with people thronging the airport just to see and receive the new star.

Pray, when last did your people come to the airport to receive someone who had performed academic wonders? Always an entertainer. Don’t take yourself too seriously, please. Be humbled by the fact that life has such cynical, such sadistic, such wicked sense of humour.

7) The world has changed dramatically and things are about to get worse -if they already are not. Michael Bush

8) Start today to realise that the world now stands on its head. In the old testament, everyone and everything agreed on moral and qualitative variables. Today, everyone and everything cannot be said to be on the same page because they are not -clearly.

There should be no debate over the truism that man no longer cares about quality and about morality. Now, anything goes. In my country, if you have the right amount of money or know many powerful wrong people in the right positions or are pugnacious enough, you can become or have just about anything; just about everything.

And, unfortunately, things are about to go kaput even more. Soon, very very very soon, they won’t ask you for educational certificates anymore. I beseech you, brethren: go get a talent. Michael Bush

The world shall soon grow tired and weary of books and knowledge bragging rights; the same way they have now accepted same-s*x marriage and transgender realities.

9) Talking about change, the fact that ours is a horrendously ambitious, greedy setting, one finds no better justification to advise for you to never kill yourself over anybody or anything since you are not sure the same people shall honour your corpse and memory.

10) Never forget that the world neither enjoys nor celebrates unanimity on even the most glaring virtue. There’s relentless movement of people complete with their character and interests. Michael Bush

For instance, Nigerian leaders who crosstituted to All Progressives Congress in 2019 after having sucked Peoples Democratic Party dry migrated to Labour Party the moment they sensed Mr Peter Obi had made grass greener over there.

What that means is that the people you fight and die for today could tomorrow defect to the camp of the same enemy you saved them from, with your life. Imagine how painful such abominably ungrateful betrayal-cum-desecration could be even in death. Former President Goodluck Jonathan and a few other past public office holders in the country would readily connect with this.

The same people who pooh-poohed the all they gave vis-a-vis repositioning the country are today so comfortable with half-baked results occasioned by three-quarter efforts from our ogas at the top.

Yet, more doom lurks. As power changes hands here and there in exactly a fortnight from today, you can be sure that we won’t have to wait too long for political mentees and helpees to turn against their mentors and helpers who almost singlehanded brought them to the enviable stage. Michael Bush

No, to be sure, we are not passing judgement; we are just reminding you that nothing is cast in concrete. Don’t kill yourself supporting or installing or appointing someone as they may become the nemesis you never had!

Life is not balance. Do your best always, but never kill yourself in the process since there are no guarantees. Being good is good but beware, it might not always throw up good results (immediately). Likewise being bad, it is bad but it can sometimes generate good energy. Michael Bush

11) Do your best always but realise upfront that when the chips are down your best might never be good enough or accepted.

12) Reduce your propensity or penchant for competition. Don’t kill yourself over rejection because that same person you are dying for to no avail is being turned down by another and that another by another and the beat goes on. It’s silly to crave to be like another when you don’t know that same another craves to be you!

Michael Bush

Michael Bush

Michael Bush

Don’t kill yourself, for anybody or anything. It is the quickest way to die a most useless death. Do your best every time whether to plant or to water but never forget that the prerogative of increase is permanently beyond you. Michael Bush

Above all, always remember that life is wired in a way that keeps man forever in an almost-there state; meaning even if you killed yourself you won’t still achieve what you were not meant to! Michael Bush

God bless Nigeria!

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