Reason People Get Married

Real Reason People Get Married, “What Difference Does A Wedding Make?”

Real Reason People Get Married, “What Difference Does A Wedding Make?”

These are sincere questions. Why marriage? Who invented it? Aren’t we free? Why go to the bother and spend all that money on a marriage, especially when divorce is so messy and expensive if the two find they don’t want to stay together?

Such Young people are usually alienated from their parents or tribal backgroun5 In almost all cases, they have abandoned their church. God seems far away from them, and they usually feel resentful toward Him.

The reason is that they cannot forget that it was He who invented marriage and made it a life-long commitment of a man and woman to be true to each other, asking for His blessing on their Union.

There are tottering homes and divorces. Young people say, and us living (0C They point to So miserably unhappy marriages and use this to justify.

When the church, preaches’ fire and damnation” to those who don’t get married just laugh it off. but one is better than the other. I will meet them both and then we shall discuss them: Living Without marriage is the path to eventual sorrow and for either yourself your partner, or maybe both Of and certainly for your children.

The second reason is more important: It brings pain, shame, and suffering of God Himself, works against His plan to bless and the world, and actually helps Satan in his garage” God. From (1) Your sorrow and suffering. An unmarried Copied living together are not joined to each other.

There no true union. It is like a house that we built once’ sand, down at the coast. A large crack developed, throughout the house from one end to the other. plastered up both the concrete floor and the walls, at it looked nice again. But it wasn’t long until the reappeared and then got wider and wider. In a very years, that house fell in ruins, because the plaster was glue. The cohabitating couple may say they “love” another, but they have made no mutual commixture recognize by the state, by society, by their families, or by God. They are like wooden timbers that happen be lying together, but which are not nailed or glue together. Anything can happen to One or the other. Till couple never feel secure. Even if there is no “love” declared or expected, one or the other of the partners will usually feel a growing sense of dependency on the other. But he/she is only leaning on other.

There is a reason why the age-old marriage vow includes the words, “to live together after God’s ordinance in holy matrimony…,” not just exist! No one can live without love! When one or the other gets tired of the private arrangement, the remaining partner can easily get hurt.


Reason People Get Married

Reason People Get Married

“Here’s nothing’ going’ nowhere” they say, and they would just as soon commit this kind of domestic issue. “Let us eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die” is the way that such have thought about themselves for thousands of years

The second reason for not living together unmarried is more important than any of our self-centred reasons. Here it is: (2) The suffering and pain that God feels.

It was God who invented marriage in the begin. When the Lord God made Eve “brought her unto the man,” wasn’t that a marriage? God made them one. He did the joining together. God didn’t create Eve and turn her loose to fend for herself, leaving Adam to “discover” her, so that they began shacking up in the Garden of Eden.

We had a good beginning! According to the Bible, both the state and the church serve as representatives of God ever since, in licensing and solemnizing marriages.

Christ has also established His church, “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

The couple do not kneel to seek the clergyman’s blessing; they kneel to ask for God’s.

The husband and wife are actually “soldiers” in heaven’s army. They actually help in God’s work. Their home is an Embassy representing the government of God of course, when a couple detour around this happy plan and live together without recognizing God’s plan, they are left on their own.

That’s not much! When separation, bitterness, or forsakenness brings inevitable agony and tears, God feels their pain also. We force Him to “serve” with our sins.

Who really wants to add to His pain? If any unmarried couple living together read this book, let them seek God’s forgiveness and guidance. God loves them, and He has already placed some servant of His, somebody who “knows the Lord,” near to them. Let them seek counsel from such a wise servant of God.

The meek will He guide in judgment: and the meek will He teach His way… .What man is he that feareth [reverences] the Lord? shall He teach in the way that He shall choose… .Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord; for He shall pluck my feet out of the net. Before we leave this topic, let us make sure that we do not misunderstand something very important.

This false idea that such is a “Christian wedding” is one way that Satan has used to pervert the truth. A trio of qualified authors have made a very careful study of marriage in many areas of Africa. They say of the post independence African Church, after expressing proper pleasure in areas of progress: We have also known that there has been a worm in the bud. Adrian Hastings pointed to it when he remarked that the test of vitality of a Church was not the number of baptisms but Christian marriages, their number and their quality. In 1970 the Anglican Archbishops of Africa invited him to study this matter more deeply…. The facts. ..brought out into the open were bleak.

In parts of East Africa the number of marriages has halved in ten years. In the Anglican Church, between 7 and 23 people are confirmed for every couple married in church.

There are several reasons for this situation. One of them is doubtless the desire to avoid the crippling expense and difficulties of a traditional “Christian” church wedding. People need to know that a wedding with God’s blessing can be very, very simple, at almost no expense so far as He is concerned. It is never His will that forbidding social or monetary barriers be erected to discourage careful young people from entering into holy marriage.

Some even are now beginning to have the pastor lead them in their vows during a Sabbath worship service, when the congregation are already assemble led. It is all over within a few minutes.

12. Can a Person Stay Single and Be Happy? The Third World is getting more and more like the rest of the world. As standards of education rise, more girls are now sharing in its benefits. No dictator can set the clock back now. Women are increasingly discontented to be economic slaves of men on some kind of lower plane. Few are willing to become second, third, or fourth wives.

The rise of universities in Africa, increased travel opportunities and scholarships to overseas universities or colleges, the development of radio and TV and the public press, all have steadily worked together to relegate old traditional concepts of marriage to the background. If a modern girl can get what she wants, it will be education and freedom. She doesn’t want to stay forever a few steps behind the boys. Another problem is that there really are not enough men to go around for all the women. Men die in war, through labour hazards, and as everyone knows, many drift off to the big cities seeking work, and seldom come home again.

This book, of course, is written for those who want help in following God’s plan for their lives. Therefore the question arises which is very important to many: could it be possible that it is God’s plan that some people not get married at all? If so, could such an unmarried life be happy and useful?

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