REVEALED: See Who And What Controls Your Mind

REVEALED: See Who And What Controls Your Mind

The most anarchical part of this world is the heart or what some people call the mind of an “unbelieving youth”. The most unorganized market is also the heart/mind of a “sinful youth”.

Thomas Hobbes described “a kingless nation” as a place where “life is poor, nasty, brutish, chaotic and even short”. In such an enclave, everything and anything goes! The heart of an unbelieving youth is just like a free-zone market, where anybody can bring and advertise anything at will. Even when “Mrs. Potiphar” offer herself, the heart would be too blind to know that, that momentary pleasure would cost him his destiny and future palace.

The kind of counsel you receive controls your mind and that which control life and your choices in life to greater your self over to one “man of god” and even kneel you of ‘‘bishop’’. Some people end up behaving like, so as to show the privilege of Jesus’ ownership to a invisible force that controls your day .‘“ people would wake up early. You can as you could also predict the kind of that man. Sometimes the environment can control your mind, Ice like a tree planted by the his season; his leaf also is but have found a king that cannot fail you In; a king that cannot be at rest until that which conceit you m at a king that knows our plight and heartaches because lie hint all we are passing through now. He is the King of kings -Jesus the (iii med I did not really comprehend the implication kingless heart, till the day I witnessed how one handsome young boy who it was executed in the village square. He grew up a quiet, intelligent boy. So much endeared to virtually every person that many could hardly believe he could a fly. When this world began to advertise all its dainties in his “lice, mind. lie did not have a king who would have directed him through the road to his destiny. He joined a robbery gang. One fateful day he was looked to give the mother his last word. It was a heart-rending cry! People could hardly hold back tears, especially the elderly women who never excepted him to end the way he ended. In his tears, you could read anything like “I wish I had a king, I wish I had someone who at least could have led me in the right way to my dreams” Behold! It was too late. He died like a hopeless dog! The cry for a king is profoundly important and need not to be toyed with.

The Israelites sensed that Samuel was old and his sons were not really a promise to their dreams. So, they were left with one option, crying out: “give us a king”. They indeed needed a king. Moreover, as long as one is alive on this planet earth, he or she must belong to one of the two kingdoms, which definitely has their kings or controllers. In fact, to which of these kingdoms (10 you belong? The kingdom to which you belong determines who your king is actually. So it is a sensitive issue. Who really is the king over your mind? God may not force Himself on any man; rather, He is waiting to be invited. Rev.3:20. Only then will He take control of your life. Read 1 Sam 8:10-18 to see what a wrong king can offer a man. He is so demanding on time, money, and inflicts so much and brings lots of suffering, costly loses that may not be retrievable. On the contrary, the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Everyone who determines to follow Christ must sooner or later come to the point where he/she takes a decision to open up every corner of his or her heart to Jesus and give Him complete control over it. This is a must and an important part of original and practical Christianity. Real loyalty to King Jesus is when He Himself is in total control of our mind, heart and soul.

Destiny Destroyers

‘Who and What Controls Your Mind through us can only be realized when we fully submit to His kingship. “God cannot commit Himself to rule over a man who has not blown the bridge between Him and the world system”

The mind is the most powerful part of human life, whatever controls it is stronger than the host that is the man. Some of the influencers of the mind are habits, Ideologies, creeds, greed, etc. However, man has the choice power to choose what he allows to scat over his mind. Somebody says that “you may not stop the bird from flying over your head but you have the choice to stop it from defecating on your head”. a lot of dangerous habits that struggles to have control over your mind but you must maintain a sound mind to check what or who is struggling to have control over your mind. Under ideologies we have religions, races, political affiliations and so on. Religion has proved to be of the most powerful influence over generations. Because of this entity, million have been killed and valuables worth trillions wasted over the

i. The youth has been brain washed to kill because of religious

ii. But if you have your mind in divine control you would be sure

iii. Worth preserving than wasting it for any reason; I think powerful as we allege, he can as well fight for itself not my one love a political party or a politician too much, light for what they believe or front their own they always would capitalize on your young do things for them while they and their children among the young people and if these errors are not what our country would become in the next 20—30 year football bets., promotions, club fanaticisms and so on. The way some people would behave against other club fans just because the said club

iii. I looses a match is really mind troubling. We must know that the so milled soccer stars in Europe are just doing their jobs and are being paid for what they have chosen to do, while am not discouraging the young people from watching soccer game, we must try to see it as “game” that it really is.

When you allow it to control your mind and affect the way you feel or reason, or even affect your study time, take the whole of your important and productive time then there is a problem. My other fear is that some young people have stopped thinking, working hard, and lost the sense of productivity because they now engage in the soccer bets. I don’t really know what that will contribute to this generation positively. See, even if they win this bet every day, how can a young mind wake up every morning and just retire to a bet room, thinking and betting till the evening as the circle continues every day, how on earth can that kind of mind invent what this world will benefit from. If Ben Carson, Philip Emeagwali, Bill Gate and others like them fixed their lives at the mercies of soccer bets what would the
World look like today?

Am happy because no matter how strong the mind is or how sold off it may seem, God is more powerful than our minds, he is very ready to take over that mind if you will let Him. You have the power of choice, choose today what or who controls your mind. Simply put, choose today who you

Nowadays there are the guise of “bets”, luck— will serve; mundane world or reality in Jesus? The choice is yours! There is Anything short of that is just a shadow. God’s will to rule and reign in and Destiny Destroyers one thing I have noticed about this world; I have by revelation found out that no man or woman lives neutral on earth, that is, no mind exist sin a vacuum. It’s either you allow Jesus into your heart to control and lead you to a glorious end of your destiny or the prince of bad would jump in to destroy that destiny for ever; by implication someone must use you and whoever you allow to use you determines your end. Many people you may not want to identify with; the one who won over the control of their mind as a youth have used and dumped them by the street, the opposite is the man whose youth was controlled by the spirit of the Lord. Again I say the choice is yours!

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