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Sahara Energy: Commitment To Inclusive Sustainable Development


Sahara Energy: Commitment To Inclusive Sustainable Development

Commitment to inclusive sustainable development, Sahara Energy International, Geneva, who is a member of the Sahara Group, has restated its commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and global sustainable development through participation in the respected Generali Genève Marathon which is held annually in Geneva, Switzerland.

Speaking at the 17th edition over the weekend, the director, Sahara Group, Kola Motajo, said the privilege of running in the marathon that is dedicated to making a difference is treasured by the Sahara Family.

“This is an event we look forward to in Sahara each year. We have Saharians who participate in different categories of the Generali Genève Marathon, while others turn up to cheer and make the moment special for Sahara and the world.

Every step our runners take reinforces Sahara Group’s dedication to bringing energy to life responsibly through our energy solutions and social impact,” he said.

Motajo noted that the camaraderie amongst all runners, the donations channeled to children with health challenges and diversity of participants make the marathon a spectacle that “showcases the importance of collaboration in the quest for achieving sustainable development across the globe.”

Sahara Energy’s team was led by Didier Veron, a seasoned marathoner who finished the 10km race in 00:48:17. Other members of the Sahara contingent included; Nicolas Fort, Thomas Khoury, Marc Barros, Ludivine Moisan, Gowtham Kesavan, Gugliemo Colombo, Alexander Mireskandari, Nathalie Musson Genon, Azzurra Tarroni and Jean-David Mencier.

“This is how we demonstrate our commitment to being ‘MAD’, that is, making a difference individually and collectively in the pursuit of innovation, excellence, and sustainability as Team Sahara,” he added.

“Perfect weather, great teammates, and a challenging experience in a challenging year.  Exciting to be MAD,” said Jean-David Mencier who finished the 20km race in 1:50:56.

Sahara Energy

Sahara Energy

The team had the support of Kola Motajo, Anna Valasidi, Camille Lavaud, Stephane Pagnod, Sebastian Galindez Castillo, Damilola Jibunoh, Alina-Luciana Spada, all ‘Sahararians’ who turned up to make Sahara Group’s participation exceptional.

Generali Genève Marathon is widely regarded as one of the most picturesque city marathons in Europe and one of the fastest in Switzerland. The course takes place in the countryside nestled between mountains and the shore of Lake Geneva before finishing in the heart of the city in front of the famous Jet d’Eau.

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