Sudan: NANSE Gives FG 48 Hours Ultimatum To Evacuate Nigerian Students


Sudan: NANSE Gives FG 48 Hours Ultimatum To Evacuate Nigerian Students

NANSE, The National Association of Nigerian Students in Europe has given the Nigerian government a 48-hour ultimatum to evacuate Nigerian students in Sudan.

Rising from a meeting on Thursday, the President, Muhammad Bashiru Saidu, told journalists that the ultimatum became imperative given the danger posed by the current crisis in Sudan.
“Nigerian students in Sudan are facing danger due to the current military crisis in the country.

It’s important that their safety and well-being are prioritized by swiftly evacuating them back to their country.

“It is crucial for the Nigerian government to take swift and effective action to ensure the safe return of its citizens from Sudan.

The government should work with relevant authorities and organizations to facilitate their evacuation and provide them with necessary support during this challenging time.

“If these students are not returned to Nigeria within this period, we will have no alternative than to take other measures to get them to safety,” Saidu said.



NANSE’s ultimatum comes barely 32 hours after it urged the Nigerian government to evacuate them, but without results

Sudan: NANSE gives FG 48 hours ultimatum to evacuate Nigerian students.

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