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We Must Accept The President-elect And Respect This As Fact – SAN


We Must Accept The President-elect And Respect This As Fact – SAN

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), a former president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Olisa Agbakoba SAN, has spoken against having an interim government in Nigeria, saying there is no constitutional provision for such a scenario.

This comes a day after the Department of State Services (DSS) alerted the nation to plots by some political actors to bring an interim government into power and stop Bola Ahmed Tinubu from being inaugurated as president of Nigeria.

In a communique on Thursday, March 30, the Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) suggested that those behind the plot to install an Interim Government, must be handed the “gravest possible consequences” for their treasonable intent.

He said the general elections might have held under the most challenging circumstance, but, a president-elect has emerged and this must be respected.

“It is shocking to learn from the Department of State Security that secret plans are underway to undermine Nigeria’s democratic process and transition, by arrangements of what is described as an interim government. This will be a major set-back and we must all resist,” he said.

“I suggest that the gravest possible consequences must be applied to all who are associated with this treasonable intent. The general elections have held, albeit under the most challenging circumstance.

“But a president-elect has emerged and we must respect and accept this as fact. At least for now.

The President-elect

The President-elect

The President-elect

All leading Presidential candidates have approached the courts with grounds of complaint concerning what they consider as electoral irregularities.

“If the presidential candidates have accepted the democratic process by lodging petitions before the courts, then it is very difficult to understand upon what basis anyone considers that an interim government is a viable and legal alternative.

The President-elect

We must all reject this nonsense and respect our Constitution, which has no provision for interim.

We must accept the President-elect and respect this as fact – SAN.

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