REVEALED: Why Marriages Fail To Work In Today’s World

REVEALED: Why Marriages Fail To Work In Today’s World

Marriage break-ups are on the increase. What has gone wrong?…

In nowadays people compare their family with with others, they want to be like others, especially when other family is rich and their family is not, the wife will expect husband to do everything so that she can live large like others, this can spoil marriage within a minute.

Marriage work when you containted with what you have and pray for God to bless you the more, not to do comparism.

It is very wrong to expect everything to be normal in marriage, you must lack some things, once you have this kind of mind nothing will do your marriage.

Too much demands don’t make marriage work, and it can never bring good and successful marriage.

What a pity this kind of the developed countries is catching on here in Africa..

Over a million American households are now of the unmarried kind. During the 1970’s these unmarried couples under 25 increased nearly ten times. The reason?

To seek for personal happiness. Marriage doesn’t give happiness, these young people say. They are afraid of it.

Africa has its full share of problems. Many have felt for a long time that Christian marriage is a life-style unsuited to this continent.

Such a marriage is too difficult to break up legally, and there are too many possible problems that might arise to make such a break-up necessary; why take the risk?
Even the Evangelical churches are feeling the disaster of infidelity and divorce.

Congregations are having to adjust to the leadership of divorced pastors. If the churches crumble, which are set for the defence of God’s law, what can happen to society at large?

Noted anthropologist Margaret Mean, who has studied marriage all over the world, asks, “Can the family survive?” A California psychologist answers, no: “The family is no longer necessarily the basic unit of our society.”

Jacques Levy said rather prophetically some years ago in Time magazine, What we’re seeing now is a time when in fact we will have fewer deep, stable relationships among people. The civilization that we’re moving into is one that cannot sustain two people in a bedroom all by themselves for 40 years. It’s impossible in this new civilization.

We’d better take a good look at it, and know what can’t get of. A getting Into before we end up with a nightmare we can’t get of.

A world without marriage is a world virtually without good responsibility or self-control.

It is a world brazenly committed to a “me first” philosophy the Playboy variety of hedonism (a word that means living for selfish pleasure alone). Such a world will be good all over again, says Billy Graham.

What we’re seeing now is a kind of decay and destruction of the Judeo-Christian society with its ethics and values.

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